The hoteliga API

Our Application Programming Interface allows developers to easily integrate our PMS solution with external systems.

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What's New

05 Oct. 2022 Added in new endpoint to get customers with filter object. Check the new filtered customers endpoint in resources.
28 Feb. 2022 Added in new parameter 'lastName' to ExtraCharge pos API. Check the new Request parameters in resources.
11 Jan. 2022 Added in DefaultPricingRules parameter to Airbnb's PricingSettings API. Check the new DefaultPricingRules obj in resources.
9 Jan. 2022 Changed Airbnb updatePricingSettings endpoint response type to 'Ok' result(200 status) instead of Pricing Setting Rule Object. Check the updatePricingSettings in resources.
9 Jan. 2022 Changed Airbnb updateAvailabilityRules endpoint response type to 'Ok' result(200 status) instead of Availability Object. Check the updateAvailabilityRules endpoint in resources.
3 Sep. 2021 Added support for exporting reports through the API. For getting more information, check the new section in resources.
21 Jun. 2021 Added 2 new reports (125 & 126) for breaking down API request statistics, Check them out!
15 Apr. 2021 Added endpoint for getting all future reservations.
15 Mar. 2021 Added endpoint for removing one or more reservation(s) from a group.
15 Feb. 2021 Added usage limit response headers. Added special endpoint for integration with POS.
14 Jan. 2021 Added in Invoicing payload: additional fields related to the customer object and externalSystemId.
03 Nov. 2020 Added in Reservation payload, other reservations ids that belong to Reservation Group(otherReservationsInGroup) with corresponding room type id.
23 Sep. 2020 Added new C# examples about customer and guest manipulation. Improved documentation about Guest.
21 Aug. 2020 Added new method for returning reservations along with the full customer object.
7 Mar. 2020 Added new methods and resources for planned payment and reservation contracts.
24 Oct. 2019 Added new methods and resources for guest, countries and provinces.
8 Aug. 2019 Added documentation about API usage.
15 Jul. 2019 Added functionality about payments.
24 May 2019 Added reservation update method for selected fields only.
5 Apr. 2018 Updated response for filtered invoices and added information about payment methods.
6 Mar. 2018 Added new documentation for reservation extra charges.
2 Mar. 2018 Added new resources for invoices and extra charges.
16 Feb. 2018 Added documentation for reservations filter.
19 Nov. 2016 The first API version is here!
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